Monday, February 6, 2012

Ouch, My Aching Feet!

Before you spend your money on orthotics or surgery,  you might want to check other alternatives.

Last week, when I was at the health club, I mentioned to a friend that I was starting to have some foot problems and that I probably needed to get another pair of orthotics.  I have been putting this off for some time because I really wasn't keen on spending another $400-500.  My friend recommended that I go to Schuler Shoes and have a free foot evaluation by an in-house pedorthist.  

What the heck is a pedorthist, you ask?  I wondered the same thing and learned that a pedorthist is a health care professional  who specializes in the use of footware and supportive devices to address various feet conditions.  

So, off I went to Schuler Shoes for an evaluation...
On a side note, I have had a history of foot problems which have resulted in three separate foot surgeries for bone spurs and neuromas.  So as you can imagine, I take my feet very seriously.

The pedorthist, recommended Ultra Arch ProThotic Insoles which cost $48.95.  He said that many people have been able to use these insoles instead of buying expensive orthotics.  He also recommended that I get some Haflinger shoes to wear around the house instead of my Ugg slippers.  Evidently, the Haflinger shoes have a built in arch support and still are comfortable.  This is not a cheap shoe, however, the cost is about $105.   

Not as cute as my "high heels" but very comfy!

So I went home with new insoles, a pair of Haflingers, a FootRubz ball and sheet of exercises for my feet.  

FYI, all Schuler Shoe stores in Minnesota have a certified/licensed pedorthist in-house once a week and offer free foot screenings.  Another tip is to get on their email list so you get their regular coupons.  

I still love my "high-heels" but I figure if I continue to take care of my feet, I will be wearing my "heels" for many more years.


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