Friday, September 30, 2011

Identical Twins Testimony & The Shaklee Difference

Here is a great testimonial and proof of the long term benefits of taking the Shaklee products.  

This story was told before Shaklee came out with two of its best selling products - Vitalizer and Anti-aging Vivix.  Can you image the stories that will be told in the next 20 years after taking these products?  I am glad that I (and my sister Laura) are both faithful Shaklee users. 

Mary Anderson from Evansville, Indiana has been a regular user of the entire line of Shaklee products for over 20 years.  Mary's sister rarely uses Shaklee products, preferring to use products made by other companies.

Even though they were born with the same genetic code, Mary has more energy, feels better, looks younger and is healthier than her non-Shaklee twin sister.

Mary has unbounded energy at age 69.  She is active with her church, does a lot of volunteer work and is president of her local Republican Woman's Organization.  Everyone thinks this mother of four and grandmother of six teenagers is younger than 69!

Wow, what an incredible story!  This is just another reason why Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutritional Company in the U.S.  

If you are interested in taking the best products on the market, I recommend Shaklee's Vitalizer.  There are three separate formulas Vitalizer for Men, Women or Gold (for the over 50 crowd).   Everyone in my family takes these convenient vita-strips daily.  They are also great when traveling and even my college kids like these.

The good news is that Shaklee is offering a FREE Membership ($19.95 value) with the purchase of a Vitalizer.  This lifetime membership will save you 15% on future Shaklee purchases.  And if you sign up for the Auto-ship program you will save an additional 10% off the member price.  

Don't wait any longer - go to my Shaklee site and join now to save money.

In addition, New Members are eligible for Shaklee's Referral program where you receive $25 toward products for every new Shaklee member you refer to HealthilyEverAfter with a $25 order.   

Click here to see a great video: 

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  1. do i have to be a member to order product from you? do i get it directly from you or do i have to pay for shipping from the company?

    1. Hi Shawna - You can place an order directly from my Shaklee website at Until the end of May, Shaklee is offering a free membership ($19.99 value) with ANY order. This saves you 15% on all products. Also, there is no minimum monthly purchase or yearly renewal fee. You do pay for shipping, however, on some products if you put them on autoship you save an additional 10-15% off. If you would like me to help you place your initial order I would be more than happy to. Feel free to email me or call me at 651-428-9003. Thanks for your interest.