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I brought my wigs to a wedding reception and even the guys wanted a piece of the action!
It is amazing what a few props can do to add excitement to an event!

It started many years ago when my children were very young.  We had a "dress-up" box with props where they could use their imagination and pretend to be someone else.  We watched many 'shows' of them and their friends as you can see below.

I have accumulated more wigs over the years (about 20 or so) and you just never know when they will show up at an event such as a vacation, grad party, wedding or who knows.  It has been so much fun to surprise people and watch how personalities can change just by putting on a wig.  Remember, we are not to take ourselves too seriously.

This collection has evolved as you can see.

Trip to Las Vegas with the neighbors.  It was "wig" night at the Tao Restaurant and so we quickly put our wigs on before entering the nightclub only to find out that we were the only people that took advantage of their props.  Oh well, we had a great time.  I love my red wig.

These wigs really added to a recent graduation party.
Up at the Shamp cabin - a new idea to singing around the campfire.

At a recent wedding reception with my gal pals (new friends?).

My three kids on the dance floor - take a break for a quick picture.  If you can believe it my son Tony (left) is wearing the same wig he wore when he was in grade school.  He is somewhat attached I guess.

Way back when, at a family reunion '1982...with my cousins (Jordene, Tammy, myself and Tom)  pretending to be Diana Ross and the Supremes

Get out of your comfort zone and put on a wig.  You might be surprised at how much fun you and others will have.


Ok, so I know that it would have been more appropriate to post this a few days before Father's Day but I didn't get the idea until the afternoon of Father's Day.

I wanted to make this Father's Day more meaningful than just opening some presents.  The initial idea was to have our family sit outside around the fire pit and offer their thoughts on the following questions.   Due to bad weather, however, we changed our plans and sat on our porch around an indoor fire bowl.  The atmosphere was cozy and this created a unique and memorable evening.  Because our kids are older (ages 18, 21 and 23) the type of questions that I had them answer were appropriate for their ages.  I won't tell you how they answered these questions but I will say that it was a special night for the entire family and of course I shed a few tears.  

Our family has so much to be thankful for...we have had many wonderful memories over the years that we hold dear in our hearts.

That was then...

This is now...

This exercise can be done for someone you love on any occasion.  Make up your own questions and create wonderful memories.  Below are the questions:

What do you love most about your dad?

What words of wisdom have your dad given to you that have made an impact on your life?

What is a fond memory that you have of your dad?

What is something that you would like to do with your dad that you have not done yet?

What question would you like to ask your dad?

Do you have any advice for your dad?

What is one of the best things that your dad has taught you?

What is something that you think your dad should do that he doesn't do currently?

What is the funniest thing your dad had said or done?

This is the first summer, in five years, that we will have our entire family under one roof.  Yikes!  My oldest son, Tony (23), did not want to sign another year lease on rental property since he will be graduating from college soon.  Therefore, he made the decision to move back home and save money.  This was not his first choice I'm sure but it was the most practical.  My daughter, Allie (21), is also home from college for the summer.  Lastly, my husband Tony, youngest son, Andrew (18) and myself are thrilled to have everyone together.  And although we look forward to seeing more of each other, it does raise some concerns - so much that I decided it was once again time for a FAMILY CONFERENCE. 

This is our wonderful family!

Actually, I do not expect any problems this summer, however, I want us all to enjoy the summer and the best way for this to happen is to be proactive and discuss everyone's expectations.  

Here is a list of what we discussed - not necessarily in any order of importance.  


1.   Be considerate and respectful of everyone in the house.

2.   Church - no one has to go to church with mom and dad but find a time that works with your schedule.

3.   Try to make an effort to spend time with the grandparents.

4.   Replace empty toilet paper rolls and Kleenex boxes.

5.   Shoes - put them on shelves or under the bench where we won't trip over them.

6.   If you use or borrow something, put it back where you found it (tools, clothes, computers, etc.).

7.   Don't leave your dishes/glasses around the house - especially in bedrooms and bathrooms.

8.   Put dirty dishes in dishwasher.  If dishes in dishwasher are clean, then empty dishwasher.

9.   Wipe and dry the kitchen counters (please clean up after yourself).

10.  Laundry:  don't start a load of laundry unless you are going to be home to put clothes in dryer and then fold them.

11.  Parking cars:  We will have 5 cars in the driveway.  This could be problematic - a few years ago, I backed up  into my sons car in the driveway.  We decided that Allie would make signs for each car as a reminder to look behind before backing up.  In addition, because we leave the house at different times, each night we would determine the parking according to who would leave the house earliest.   

12.  Car keys:  We should have an extra set of all car keys in the house.  If you leave the house (and don't drive) we need to be able to move the cars.

13.  Let us know if you are not coming home for the night (Tony and Allie).  Do not call to let us know in the wee hours of the night.

14.  Alcohol:  (Tony and Allie) - Do not call Andrew as your designated driver.  We do not want him driving late at night in locations that he is unfamiliar with.  Also, if you are going to drink our liquor, please replace.

15.  If you are going to have friends over, please let us know.

16.  Keep your bedrooms clean.  OK, let's be realistic - at least make some effort.

17.  Open the blinds in your bedroom each morning.

18.  We need to work on a house cleaning schedule.  Everyone should help.  I will not clean the kids bathroom!

19.  Grocery:  When you run out of some food item, write it down on the grocery list.  I do not want to hear any complaints of why we don't have...  Also, it would be nice to have some help when grocery shopping.

20.  Breakfast:  On Your Own - (Protein Shake/vitamins/etc.)
       Lunch:       On Your Own
       Dinner:      Please let us know if you won't be home for dinner.

** It would sure be nice if we could take turns making dinner (just a thought).

21.  Eat the food we have at home, it's so much healthier than "fast food."  Let's make a real effort not to waste food.  

22.  Please help pick up Roscoe's (our dog) poop!

23.  Jobs:  Save $$$ for college and some $ for summer fun!

The reality is that we know we are close to becoming empty nesters, were just not ready yet. Boo-hoo.  

Everyone have a great summer and love the ones your with!



There is nothing like gathering a group of friends together to play cards.  It is good for the soul and at the same time it sharpens the mind.

Last November, my husband and I attended the largest fundraiser at our kid's school - the Totino Grace High School Winter Place Auction.  We bid on the "Court Whist" Card Party, along with 24 other people, in the silent auction.  

What is "Court Whist" you ask?  

Originally, this game was played by royalty in the 18th and 19th century.  It might sound boring but it certainly is not, especially when you have so many interesting friends.  It is similar to bridge because it involves four players broken into teams of two, however, it is MUCH EASIER to play.  

The hosts of this card party served food and beverages as well as snacks on the tables - Yum, Yum.  Six tables of four were set up because we had 24 people playing that night.  You can have more or less people playing just so there are multiples of four.  Each table was assigned a number. To begin the game, every player randomly picked a number and that was the table where they would start the game with a partner.  

This is a FUN and EASY game because you keep rotating tables and partners.  It is a great mixer.  If you keep losing, you could end up sitting at the same table all night but at least you change your partners.  Because this game allows for lots of conversation, it is important to keep things moving or you could be playing all night.  

There are two games being played at this large table - Looks like a lot of conversation as well.  

They look a little too serious, don't you think?

The last three rounds (12 hands)  I ended up at the same table.  Still had fun though.

If you are looking to host your own "Court Whist" Card party, below are the rules of the game and the tally sheet.  Grab a drink and enjoy the night!

Click here to get a copy of this tally sheet.

  1. The Deal

    • The dealer deals in a clockwise fashion, and the player to the dealer's left leads the first round, or "trick." Any card may be led (following the theme of the round) and the other players must, working clockwise around the playing table, play a card according to the lead card. If the player has a card of the same suit (spade to spade, hearts to hearts etc.) he must play that card, if he does not, he can play any card.

    The Win

    • A player wins a trick by placing the highest trump (face card) in it. If there is no clear trump, the winner is determined by the highest card of the suit originally led. Aces are high.  Once determined, the winner will lead the next round of play.

    The Score

    • Scoring court whist is determined after all 13 tricks have been played.   Don't forget to mark your score on the section that was just played.   When four games have been played the scores are added for that first round. 

      "Winners Walk - Losers Stay"

      The winners of the game "WALK" to the next table and then play the losers of that table.  You cannot have the same partner in the next round (next four games).  The "LOSERS" always stay at the same table and then play the next round (four games) with a new partner.  

      The game continues until all six rounds (four games in each round) are played - See the Tally sheet for details.  

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