Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Ethics of What We Eat"

I recently came back from a wonderful vacation with my husband in Scottsdale, Arizona where we got plenty of rest, warm sunshine and healthy food.  We did splurge on a bit too much on salsa, guacamole and chips though.  Unfortunately, we came back to the reality of Minnesota's harsh cold weather temperatures and a few new inches of snow.  We are so sick and tired of the cold and ready for spring no doubt.  Anyway, what I found to be very interesting was that in Scottsdale, all of the restaurants we visited had foods on the menu that were grown and raised by the local farms.  This trend of supporting the local farmers is something that I hope continues to grow in all states throughout the United States.   

As many of you know, I am taking a Food Science Nutrition course at the University of Minnesota and have been watching some really interesting videos.  I just finished watching a video called, "The Ethics of What We Eat" by Peter Singer.  It is dated from 2009 but the information is very pertinent and really makes us think about the different possibilities of what we should eat.  

One of the statements worth repeating - "Is there something wrong with a society that doesn't really know how their foods are being produced.  Don't we have a responsibility to know so that we can make an ethical decision?"

Enjoy the video!