Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends.  What better way to express love for your family and friends than by taking care of yourself and them.  I thought that I would share some "Healthy Thanksgiving" tips by Dr. Stephen Chaney for to incorporate in your family tradition.  

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - Pam 

While "Healthy Thanksgiving" doesn't quite have the
appeal of the more familiar "Happy Thanksgiving"
greeting, I used it here to make the point that
Thanksgiving dinner (and many other holiday meals)
doesn't have to be an unhealthy affair.

After all, there is a lot to like about the ingredients
in Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey can be a healthy, low-
fat meat, if prepared correctly.  Sweet potatoes, yams,
winter squash and pumpkin are all loaded with vitamin A
and other important nutrients.  And cranberries are a
nutrition powerhouse.

Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving meal one
that contributes to your health:

1) Skip the basting.  Choose a plain bird and cook in a
bag to seal in the moisture.  Remove the skin before

2) Refrigerate the turkey juices and skim off the
hardened fat before making gravy and use a gravy cup
that pours from the bottom to minimize fat.

3) Use ingredients like whole wheat bread, vegetables,
fruits (cranberries, raisins, dates or apples), nuts
and your favorite spices for the stuffing and bake it
in the oven rather than in the turkey.

4) Serve your sweet potatoes or yams baked rather than
candied and let your guests add butter to taste.

5) Use skim milk or buttermilk rather than whole milk
and skip the butter for your mashed potatoes.

6) Give your meal gourmet appeal by cooking your green
vegetables with garlic, nuts and herbs rather than
creamy or fat-laden sauces.

7) don't serve the meal on your largest plates. By
using smaller plates you ensure smaller portion size
and even that second helping isn't quite so damaging.

8) Use the Cinch meal replacement products for one or
more meals the day before and/or after Thanksgiving so
that your total caloric intake over the three day
period is not excessive.

By now you have the idea.  There are lots of little
things that you can do to make your Thanksgiving dinner
one that your waist and your heart will thank you for.
Bon Appetit and have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

To Your Health!
Dr. Stephen G Chaney
Shaklee Master Coordinator

*Dr. Chaney has recently retired as a Professor of Nutrition, Biochemistry & Biophysiology at the University of North Carolina Medical School.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get ready for the Holidays - It's a Wrap!

Wrap your doors with loved ones this X-mas!

This is one of two doors that gets covered with Christmas Cards

OK, so many of you are asking, "How can I display all of my Christmas cards?"  Well, I have an answer for you.  I can't take credit for this idea because I copied it from my dad who has been doing this since I was a young child.  A few days after Thanksgiving, I wrap the door of my coat closet with fun Christmas paper and add a large bow.  Not only is this is an inexpensive way to decorate the house but when the Christmas cards start to arrive in the mail, we are ready to tape them on the wrapped door for all to see.  This wrapped door of Christmas cards is quite the topic of conversation when we entertain people for the holidays.  Our family loves to see these cards so much that I leave them up until the end of January and sometimes into February.

A note of caution -  many years ago, while my niece was babysitting our kids, she was looking at all the Christmas cards on the door.  She noticed a really cute boy in one of the cards and said that she wanted to meet him.  Well, I will spare you all the details but an intervention took place so that they could meet and lo and behold, after years of dating, they married.  

You just never know what relationships might transpire from the Christmas door.  Enjoy the holidays, it's a wrap!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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