Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Court Whist" Card Party!

There is nothing like gathering a group of friends together to play cards.  It is good for the soul and at the same time it sharpens the mind.

Last November, my husband and I attended the largest fundraiser at our kid's school - the Totino Grace High School Winter Place Auction.  We bid on the "Court Whist" Card Party, along with 24 other people, in the silent auction.  

What is "Court Whist" you ask?  

Originally, this game was played by royalty in the 18th and 19th century.  It might sound boring but it certainly is not, especially when you have so many interesting friends.  It is similar to bridge because it involves four players broken into teams of two, however, it is MUCH EASIER to play.  

The hosts of this card party served food and beverages as well as snacks on the tables - Yum, Yum.  Six tables of four were set up because we had 24 people playing that night.  You can have more or less people playing just so there are multiples of four.  Each table was assigned a number. To begin the game, every player randomly picked a number and that was the table where they would start the game with a partner.  

This is a FUN and EASY game because you keep rotating tables and partners.  It is a great mixer.  If you keep losing, you could end up sitting at the same table all night but at least you change your partners.  Because this game allows for lots of conversation, it is important to keep things moving or you could be playing all night.  

There are two games being played at this large table - Looks like a lot of conversation as well.  

They look a little too serious, don't you think?

The last three rounds (12 hands)  I ended up at the same table.  Still had fun though.

If you are looking to host your own "Court Whist" Card party, below are the rules of the game and the tally sheet.  Grab a drink and enjoy the night!

Click here to get a copy of this tally sheet.

  1. The Deal

    • The dealer deals in a clockwise fashion, and the player to the dealer's left leads the first round, or "trick." Any card may be led (following the theme of the round) and the other players must, working clockwise around the playing table, play a card according to the lead card. If the player has a card of the same suit (spade to spade, hearts to hearts etc.) he must play that card, if he does not, he can play any card.

    The Win

    • A player wins a trick by placing the highest trump (face card) in it. If there is no clear trump, the winner is determined by the highest card of the suit originally led. Aces are high.  Once determined, the winner will lead the next round of play.

    The Score

    • Scoring court whist is determined after all 13 tricks have been played.   Don't forget to mark your score on the section that was just played.   When four games have been played the scores are added for that first round. 

      "Winners Walk - Losers Stay"

      The winners of the game "WALK" to the next table and then play the losers of that table.  You cannot have the same partner in the next round (next four games).  The "LOSERS" always stay at the same table and then play the next round (four games) with a new partner.  

      The game continues until all six rounds (four games in each round) are played - See the Tally sheet for details.  


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