Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Family Blackboard

- The Family Blackboard -

We have had this blackboard in our kitchen for many years.  And even though it is small in size,  I believe the messages jotted down have had a big impact on our lives.  

It started out with "Word of the Week" where each family member would take their turn to write a new word and its meaning.  As the kids grew older, however, they experienced life's ups and downs and so the focus changed and I would write down words of encouragement from the Bible or other popular quotes. 

Isn't it amazing what a few inspiring words can do to improve your day?  I hope that my children will pass this family tradition on to their own families someday. 

It's never too late to get your own blackboard... 


  1. That is a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the chalkboard and the inspiring scripture. Such a great idea and a Blessing. Thanks for the visit and your gracious comments. Welcome to Blogland. I am sure you will find this to be one of your favorite places to visit friends and find tons of inspiration in all areas of life. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Hugs, Marty