Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My daughter, Allie, is away at college and she told me she bought a Hedge Ball and put it in her bedroom to keep the spiders away.  She is absolutely afraid of spiders and evidently the hedge ball repels spiders, roaches, water bugs and rodents.  I am not sure if this is true but she sent me these pictures of the hedge ball in her bedroom.

Well, today I was grocery shopping and wouldn't you know it there in the fresh product section was a display of Hedge Balls.  Evidently, if you place the ball on a piece of foil and put it in your basement, kitchen, college residence, or wherever, it will keep away those annoying pests.  

After about 6 months to a year, the balls will dry up to the size of a walnut and turn rusty brown-  but they still are effective. 

Who would have thought --  Throw away your toxic sprays and buy a Hedge Ball.  

Let me know if yours works.  At least my daughter is sleeping better tonight.

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