Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Gift of Vivix...FREE!

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Through December 31, 2011 when a new Member, Distributor or GOLD Ambassador joins Shaklee and places an order of $100 Member Price or more, they will get a FREE 30-day supply of Vivix, Shaklee's all-natural, scientifically advanced liquid dietary supplement developed to Slow Aging at the Cellular Level™*.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why Supplement? The Positive effects to your Health.

This is a very thought provoking video that everyone who is concerned about their health should watch.  It shows why the proven benefits of nutritional supplementation are so important today. 

Did you know???
(Center for Nutrition Research)

- 80% of all Heart Disease in women is preventable

- 90% of all Type-2 Diabetes is preventable

- 33% of all children born today can expect a shorter life than their parents

- there is up to a 38% decline in the nutrient content of crops, according to a 2004 report *

- 2,000% increase in fast food sales over the past 30 years  

* Journal of American College of Nutrition Vol. 23(6): 2004

The question now is what should you look for when buying supplements?  

*  Look for clinical studies on the ingredients or products
*  Look for natural ingredients on the label - avoid artificial sweeteners, flavors and preservatives
*  Look for a company that focuses on safety and quality
*  Look for an unconditional money-back guarantee

I have been using Shaklee supplements for 35 years and highly recommend them.  Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S.  Their products are Always Safe, Always Work and are Always Green. 

To learn more about Shaklee, click on the Shaklee tab at the top of my blog.

Changing Brands can change your life!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eat Bananas, Eat Eat Bananas!

Below are 9 "Fun Facts" about Bananas, some might surprise you.
Recently, I read this article from Natural News and thought I would share it with you.  Enjoy!

1. Hands and Fingers

Bananas do not grow on trees. The banana plant is classified as an arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb and the banana itself is actually considered a berry. The correct name for bunch of bananas is a hand of bananas; a single banana is a finger.

2. Heart Health

One banana contains 467mg of potassium, providing powerful protection to the cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of the potassium-packed fruit helps guard against high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and stroke.

3. Bones

Although bananas do not contain high amounts of calcium, they do supply the body with an abundance of fructooligosaccharide, a prebiotic substance (one which encourages probiotics, the friendly bacteria in the digestive system). As fructooligosaccharides ferment in the digestive tract, they enhance the body's ability to absorb calcium.

4. Energy and Mood Balancing

Another benefit to bananas high potassium content derives from that mineral's role as an energy-supplying electrolyte. Since bananas also contain tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine, they help prevent depression while encouraging feelings of well-being and relaxation. In addition, the vitamin B6 in bananas helps protect against sleeplessness, mood swings and irritability.

5. Vision

Bananas, combined with the African herb orinol, have been used to treat cataracts in Nigeria. They also share with other fruits the ability to prevent macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in adults. According to a study published in the Archives of Opthmalogy in 2004, people who eat 3 servings of fruit per day are statistically unlike to develop the vision-diminishing disease.

6. Better Digestion

Bananas suppress acid in the digestive tract, alleviating heartburn and helping guard against ulcers. Since bananas contain pectin, a soluble fiber, they aid in the elimination process, helping prevent constipation.

7. Baby Food

Since they are easily digested, bananas are a perfect food for babies just beginning to move to solid foods.

8. HIV Protection

The Journal of Biological Chemistry in March 2010 published a study which revealed the healing potential of BanLec, a lectin protein in bananas. Researchers found that this protein which binds to sugars can also bind to HIV-infected cells, enveloping them and preventing their replication and transmission.

8. Clones

Due to modern shipping practices, this tropical yellow berry born of a herb seems so ubiquitous that most consumers take it for granted. However, the banana's constant availability could end soon. Nearly all the bananas sold in stores are cloned from just one variety, the Cavendish banana plant, originally native to Southeast Asia. This means disease could potentially wipe out the cloned plants in one fell swoop. Next time you peel and eat a banana, take the time to savor its flavor and texture, so if this fruit disappears, you can tell future generations about the healthy snack encased in yellow flesh.

That potential disappearance does not derive from science fiction speculation. Botanists say it is likely to happen in the next 20 years and in fact it already has happened. At the beginning of the last century, the dominant banana species was the Gros Michel, also a cloned species, which was wiped out by fungus. The Gros Michel was preferred over the Cavendish because it was larger and had a longer shelf life, and, according to old-timer recollections, better-tasting. The Cavendish replaced the Gros Michel after the latter species decimation because, of the over 1,000 varieties of bananas in the world, most do not have an appealing taste. There are the less sweet plantains, and also a variety called Goldfinger which has an apple-like taste.

9. Save the peels

Even the peels of this fruit are useful. Apply the inside of a banana peel to pimples to naturally dry out these skin blemishes. Also, banana peels make a wonderful fertilizer, particularly for roses.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Roger Barnett predicts Shaklee, Apple & P&G to be the three biggest leaders in direct selling market.

I am so proud to have my own Shaklee business with Roger Barnett as the CEO.  His vision for Shaklee is huge!  Roger recently spoke at the Direct Selling Association conference and stated that he believes the three biggest leaders in the direct selling market in the next 10-20 years from now could very well be:

Apple -- Proctor & Gamble -- Shaklee

The reason, is that people will want to be associated with those brands.  Brands that are cool, hip and have a reputation of integrity.  Shaklee has always done the right thing, but quietly.  Now it's time to talk to others about it.  We have what people need, great products and an honest, achievable business plan.

Watch the above video with Roger being interviewed by Bo Short.  It is worth your time!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Trip of a Lifetime!

I just got back from the Trip of a Lifetime!  

This year, we earned our first all expense paid Shaklee Dream Incentive Trip to the Bahamas.  I was able to go with my mother Vernie and my sister Laura.   We stayed at the Atlantis Hotel which is one of the most beautiful hotels that I have ever stayed at.  Here is the view from our room -  absolutely gorgeous.

The three of us had so much fun together.  We laughed so much our stomachs ached.  What a blessing to have had that time with each other.  If it weren't for Shaklee we would not have been able to go on such a wonderful trip.   Thank you Shaklee

We were also blessed to meet so many fun people who share a love for Shaklee like we do.  There were 777 people in attendance for six days/five nights.  Can you believe that?

A few very successful people that were so kind to us (especially my mother) I would like to mention.  They were Bo Short, Dr. Steve and Suzanne Chaney, Nedra Sahr, Barbara Lagoni, Sarah Hein and the Dr. Martin Braun family.  Sarah, offered to help my mom up a steep stairway and said, we are a "Shaklee Family" and help each other when needed. So true.  Bo Short, came up to my mom and told her that she was "amazing" after watching her dance the night away.  Mom led the bunny hop around the bar and danced for 1 1/2 hours the night before.   He made her feel so good with just a few kind words.  Thanks to all of you.
Below are some highlights of our trip --

Laura and I pose with the" Limbo guy" on the ferry boat from Rose Island.
The Limbo guy carrying mom under and over fire.  

The first of three naps of the day for mom...zzzzzzzzzz

Enjoying the sun all covered up, including Enfuselle of course.

Sisters, Sisters....

Mom with Bo Short

Suzanne Chaney, Mom and Barbara Lagoni dancing the night away!

Mom NEVER misses an opportunity for ice cream!
The Recognition Dinner

The Atlantis Hotel is in the background.

Again, it was a blessing to be with so many successful people who are really just average people.  They inspire us to dream big dreams for ourselves and to make a difference by helping others.

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for another stream of income contact me at  We'd love to have you join us on our next trip to the Mayan Riviera or Kenya in 2012.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miracles Do Happen!

Miracles Do Happen!

My mother (Vernie) excited to have a buyer.

Isn't this the cutest house!

Well it actually happened.  My mother's house sold after being on-and-off the market for three years.  It is bitter sweet but mostly a relief for all of us.  My mother has lived in this adorable house for about 47 years.  This house truly holds many fond memories for all of us.  

My sister Laura, my mom (Vernie) and me.

Grandma Vernie with some of the grandkids.  My three kids are on the left and my sister's daughter and her husband are on the right with mom.

The last couple weeks have been busy for all of us with moving mom out of her house and into her new "senior-living" apartment.  We experienced yet another role reversal today when I had to teach her how to park her car in the underground parking space.  She has never had a garage in her entire life so this was a brand new experience for her.  She remarked, "How can I drive and think at the same time?"  

Gotta love my mom, Vernie!