Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Conference for Summer 2012

This is the first summer, in five years, that we will have our entire family under one roof.  Yikes!  My oldest son, Tony (23), did not want to sign another year lease on rental property since he will be graduating from college soon.  Therefore, he made the decision to move back home and save money.  This was not his first choice I'm sure but it was the most practical.  My daughter, Allie (21), is also home from college for the summer.  Lastly, my husband Tony, youngest son, Andrew (18) and myself are thrilled to have everyone together.  And although we look forward to seeing more of each other, it does raise some concerns - so much that I decided it was once again time for a FAMILY CONFERENCE. 

This is our wonderful family!

Actually, I do not expect any problems this summer, however, I want us all to enjoy the summer and the best way for this to happen is to be proactive and discuss everyone's expectations.  

Here is a list of what we discussed - not necessarily in any order of importance.  


1.   Be considerate and respectful of everyone in the house.

2.   Church - no one has to go to church with mom and dad but find a time that works with your schedule.

3.   Try to make an effort to spend time with the grandparents.

4.   Replace empty toilet paper rolls and Kleenex boxes.

5.   Shoes - put them on shelves or under the bench where we won't trip over them.

6.   If you use or borrow something, put it back where you found it (tools, clothes, computers, etc.).

7.   Don't leave your dishes/glasses around the house - especially in bedrooms and bathrooms.

8.   Put dirty dishes in dishwasher.  If dishes in dishwasher are clean, then empty dishwasher.

9.   Wipe and dry the kitchen counters (please clean up after yourself).

10.  Laundry:  don't start a load of laundry unless you are going to be home to put clothes in dryer and then fold them.

11.  Parking cars:  We will have 5 cars in the driveway.  This could be problematic - a few years ago, I backed up  into my sons car in the driveway.  We decided that Allie would make signs for each car as a reminder to look behind before backing up.  In addition, because we leave the house at different times, each night we would determine the parking according to who would leave the house earliest.   

12.  Car keys:  We should have an extra set of all car keys in the house.  If you leave the house (and don't drive) we need to be able to move the cars.

13.  Let us know if you are not coming home for the night (Tony and Allie).  Do not call to let us know in the wee hours of the night.

14.  Alcohol:  (Tony and Allie) - Do not call Andrew as your designated driver.  We do not want him driving late at night in locations that he is unfamiliar with.  Also, if you are going to drink our liquor, please replace.

15.  If you are going to have friends over, please let us know.

16.  Keep your bedrooms clean.  OK, let's be realistic - at least make some effort.

17.  Open the blinds in your bedroom each morning.

18.  We need to work on a house cleaning schedule.  Everyone should help.  I will not clean the kids bathroom!

19.  Grocery:  When you run out of some food item, write it down on the grocery list.  I do not want to hear any complaints of why we don't have...  Also, it would be nice to have some help when grocery shopping.

20.  Breakfast:  On Your Own - (Protein Shake/vitamins/etc.)
       Lunch:       On Your Own
       Dinner:      Please let us know if you won't be home for dinner.

** It would sure be nice if we could take turns making dinner (just a thought).

21.  Eat the food we have at home, it's so much healthier than "fast food."  Let's make a real effort not to waste food.  

22.  Please help pick up Roscoe's (our dog) poop!

23.  Jobs:  Save $$$ for college and some $ for summer fun!

The reality is that we know we are close to becoming empty nesters, were just not ready yet. Boo-hoo.  

Everyone have a great summer and love the ones your with!



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating Women!

Let's Celebrate Women in May!

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to participate in the annual "Woman to Woman" Luncheon at the Marriott in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  This is a Shaklee sponsored event to create an awareness around women's wellness issues and the purchasing power we have as women.  

The keynote speaker was Dr. Jamie McManus, MD
Chairman Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & Education of the Shaklee Corporation

I had to get a quick picture of Dr. Jamie and myself.
This woman is amazing as you can see from her bio below.  The Shaklee Corporation and all of us out in the field are so  fortunate to have her as our spokesperson.  She is a great role model for everyone.

Dr. McManus received a B.S. in Biological Sciences and her M.D. from the University of California at Davis where she graduated with Honors. She was awarded membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society upon graduation from medical school. After completing her residency in Family Practice and achieving Fellowship in the American Academy of Family Practice, Dr. McManus practiced family medicine in California and Washington for 15 years with special emphasis in preventive medicine, sports nutrition and women’s health.

Dr. McManus truly believes in nutrition as the basis of good health. As a long time vegetarian and runner, she walks the walk as well as talking the talk and has been sharing her knowledge of nutrition, weight management, exercise and healthy lifestyle on stage, radio and television for over 15 years. She has spoken to millions of people in over 45 countries and led seminars for healthcare professionals in many countries as well as publishing articles on health topics in many dozens of magazines and newspapers. Dr. McManus’ first book, Your Personal Guide to Wellness-what your Doctor doesn’t have time to tell you, was published in late 2004. This book provides an overview of information about nutrition, weight control, the use of supplements, how to manage stress as well as priceless information and advice regarding the use of supplements and herbs to assist with the management of many of today’s most challenging chronic health challenges.

In February, 2008, Dr. McManus was awarded “Woman of Distinction” by the East Bay Business Times. Other awards include being named in Best Doctors of America as well as named to America’s Best Family Doctors in 2004 by Consumers Research Council of America. She is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice, California Medical Society and American Medical Women’s Association. She was an Associate Professor of Family Practice at the UC Davis School of Medicine for 8 years and is Vice President of the School of Medicine Alumni Association.

Dr. McManus has 2 grown children, Adam (wife Melanie) and Heather and resides in Pleasanton, California.  She also has one grandchild.

My mom, Vernie, and me.
I too was asked to speak at this event and when I heard that there would be over 300 people attending, I figured that I should practice my talk a little more.  I asked my mother if I could practice giving my talk to her and she cried throughout my talk.  Now if you knew my mother, you would understand because she has worked her Shaklee business for over 36 years and is emotionally attached to this company.  The good news is that audience did not cry at my talk but had a few laughs instead. 

I discussed  "Why Shaklee and the Benefits".
I grew up with Shaklee products and at 18 years of age, received a Shaklee membership from my mother.  I shared the products with friends and signed up a few customers.  (Can you believe that I am still getting bonus checks from people that I signed up over 30 years ago)?  Anyway, life got busy and I put Shaklee aside until about 7 years ago.  I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show and Roger Barnett was talking about how he had just bought the Shaklee Company.  Roger had recreated the business without jeopardizing the core values and integrity of the company.  He modernized Shaklee.  

This is how we used to work the business,
And this is how we do the business today!

I decided it was time to get back into Shaklee for two reasons:  first of all, I could pay for my products at a lower cost and in addition, I had been thinking about what would I do when my children were all on their own.  

But the surprise for me has been that Shaklee has enriched my life in so many other ways.  I have found new friends that I will have for a lifetime; I have been able to spend more time with my mom, sister and family; I have able to travel; I have also become more educated on the topic of nutrition and healthy living and I have experienced personal growth.    

Whatever phase of life you are in, Shaklee can be customized to fit your lifestyle.  Not too many companies are that flexible.

I am so very proud to represent the Shaklee Corporation and I have such respect and admiration for all the business leaders that have paved the way for us newbies.  Many women have played a significant role in the success of this business.  This annual Woman to Woman event is so critical in mentoring women of all ages and I look forward to having my daughter participate some day.

This is a company that is going places! 

Is it time for YOU to recreate yourself and your future?
Let's talk about it: