Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shaklee Cinch Mentioned in Brad Lamm's JUST10LBS

Did you know that Shaklee's Cinch Inch Loss Plan is mentioned in Brad Lamm'sJUST 10 LBS Tour?

JUST 10 LBS is an integral part of the The Dr. Oz Show’s initiative to restore the health of America, and it is fully endorsed by the Dr. Oz production team. Beginning the second week of January, The Dr. Oz Show will follow Brad as he embarks on a cross-country bus tour to inspire America’s twenty fattest and fittest cities to come aboard the JUST 10 train. These JUST 10 events will feature Lamm going into folks’ homes and communities (with tie-ins to each city’s Oz affiliate station and across various media platforms) to give them a Food Makeover.

Dr Oz and Apple have teamed up to provide an App for iPhone to support your goals, and here is what Apple has to say about it:

JUST 10 LBS App is your mobile companion to Brad Lamm’s powerful book of the same name. Why just 10 pounds? We think big—way too big—when it comes to losing weight, working out, and eating better. Once we’re in major overhaul mode, we plot dramatic self-improvement campaigns with jumbo goals like losing 30 pounds or more. The problem with such ambition is the potential for failure and feeling overwhelmed, which may keep you from sticking to your plan. So, forget the big numbers for now. Let’s focus on JUST 10. It’s a winning strategy.

With JUST 10 LBS, you will:

• Make your JUST 10 pledge to walk through the 10 Steps to lose your first 10 pounds.
• Track your daily progress toward your JUST 10 goal.
• Use affirmations to gently reprogram your subconscious mind for success.
• Learn how to connect with support to keep your pledge—online and phone support, coaching, and Turning It Over.
• Eat on the Love-Centered Diet, a plant-heavy, low-carb, moderate protein effort to feed and to honor your body, mind, and spirit.

The JUST 10 LBS Bookshelf also included in the app contains a wealth of information.

Learn about:

• Your eating style
• The JUST 10 Steps
• The 10 Commitments + 10 Commandments—good loving thinking on what you will and will not do
• Brad’s JUST 10 Pledge
• Getting started, including a 3-day menu plan
• Which foods to score, and which foods to skip
• Simple food substitutions

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