Monday, July 16, 2012


I brought my wigs to a wedding reception and even the guys wanted a piece of the action!
It is amazing what a few props can do to add excitement to an event!

It started many years ago when my children were very young.  We had a "dress-up" box with props where they could use their imagination and pretend to be someone else.  We watched many 'shows' of them and their friends as you can see below.

I have accumulated more wigs over the years (about 20 or so) and you just never know when they will show up at an event such as a vacation, grad party, wedding or who knows.  It has been so much fun to surprise people and watch how personalities can change just by putting on a wig.  Remember, we are not to take ourselves too seriously.

This collection has evolved as you can see.

Trip to Las Vegas with the neighbors.  It was "wig" night at the Tao Restaurant and so we quickly put our wigs on before entering the nightclub only to find out that we were the only people that took advantage of their props.  Oh well, we had a great time.  I love my red wig.

These wigs really added to a recent graduation party.
Up at the Shamp cabin - a new idea to singing around the campfire.

At a recent wedding reception with my gal pals (new friends?).

My three kids on the dance floor - take a break for a quick picture.  If you can believe it my son Tony (left) is wearing the same wig he wore when he was in grade school.  He is somewhat attached I guess.

Way back when, at a family reunion '1982...with my cousins (Jordene, Tammy, myself and Tom)  pretending to be Diana Ross and the Supremes

Get out of your comfort zone and put on a wig.  You might be surprised at how much fun you and others will have.

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