Friday, August 3, 2012

Americans deserve to know what is in the their FOOD.

Americans deserve to know what is in the food that they purchase at the grocery store and that includes if a food is Genetically Engineered.  Did you know that in over 49 countries around the world there is mandatory labeling of GMO foods?  And did you also know that in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and 27 countries in Europe GMO foods are banned?  Isn't it time for the United States to require mandatory GMO labeling?  NO human trials have been done to test the safety of GMO foods.   

Below is an amazing video of Robyn O'Brien who wrote the book, The Unhealthy Truth.  This is a mother's shocking investigation into the dangers of America's food supply and what we can do about it. 

Robyn talks about a sudden food allergy that her son had at breakfast one morning.   On a personal note, my own son had an unexplained allergic reaction. We had to rush him to the hospital and yet we have never discovered the cause of this response.  He ate a couple of slices of California Kitchen pizza and took a couple of Advil because he had sore muscles from his double sessions at football camp.  He had eaten the pizza and taken Advil previously, so why would he develop such a sudden severe reaction?  

This was a scary incidence and yet we are not alone.   Food allergies are on the rise at an alarming rate.  The Center for Disease Control has reported a 265% increase in the rate of hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions. 

Robyn asked the question, Is there something foreign in our foods that wasn't there when we were kids?  Listen to her explanation on the relationship of GMO's and poor health.  

Robyn also said that although none of us can do everything - all of us can do at least one thing and if we do one thing we can effect a remarkable change.  Leverage this one thing with something you are passionate about.  For me that is Shaklee!  

I am so passionate about the integrity of the Shaklee company and their philosophy of living in harmony with nature.   I grew up on these products (and the business) and so have my children.  I love the fact that I can feel confident that I am offering others products are Always Safe, Always Work and are Always Green.  We are helping people as well as the planet.  

What is your one healthy thing that you are doing for you and your planet?  Why not give Shaklee a try?  Changing brands could change your life! 

Below are some Shaklee Fun Facts:   

*Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutritional Supplement Company in the U.S. 
*Organic farmers are not required to test their finished goods for pesticides and other chemicals.  That is why Shaklee goes beyond organic standards, they test for purity  (see next statement).  Shaklee tests every single ingredient in their products.  The specification book for Vita Lea alone is 3 inches thick and has 136 specifications. 
*Shaklee rejects approx. 1 million pounds worth of raw materials each year because these raw materials do not meet Shaklee’s high standards.  What is done with these rejected materials you ask?  Other nutritional companies whose standards are lower than Shaklee purchase them.
*Shaklee nutritional products are recognized by the government as FOOD.  Many nutrition companies are considered drug companies.
*Shaklee products are clinically tested in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical tests conducted by independent laboratories such as Stanford, Harvard, Scripps Institute and George Washington University.  Hundreds of these test results have been published in professional, peer-reviewed medical journals such as: Journal of the American Medical Association, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, The Journal of Applied of Physiology, The Journal of Cardiology and the The Journal of Nutrition.** 
   ** No other nutrition company has done this.  Some other companies cite clinical studies, but their own products have never been tested because it is not required by law.

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