Wednesday, January 2, 2013

STOP! Don't go on another diet until you read this...

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know you'll want to read this issue of Making a Difference!. Just look at what you'll find this month:
Cinch does a 180!
Are you overweight? Have you been on diet after diet hoping that this will be the one that works? Even if you have lost weight, are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep those pounds from creeping back?  
This never-ending (and seemingly hopeless) struggle... to lose weight and keep it off... that so many people face is the largest single health issue in the U.S. today! Learn more in the newsletter link below... 

To transform your health, start with a healthy weight!
The choices we make every day play a critical role in shaping our future health. 

But losing weight is not easy. In fact, 80% of people who do manage to lose weight, regain it all back within 2 years! Why?

Then ask yourself... Is excess weight affecting your health?

Introducing... Shaklee 180! 
This page… in chart form… will talk about:

  • What is Shaklee 180?
  • Weight loss phase... the 180 Turnaround Kit
  • Maintenance phase... the 180 Lean and Healthy Kit
  • Support tools that will ensure your success
  • It’s easy to earn Shaklee 180 products... FREE!
  • And there’s even more...  

Also featuring… 

Sensational Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothees! Try these...
  • Banana Berry Blast
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Peanut Butter Cup 

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- health, nutrition and fitness
- cleaning products that are safe for you and for our planet
- natural skin, personal and beauty care
- air and water filtration
- how you can work part-time for a full-time income... from the comfort of your home

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