Monday, July 15, 2013

No other supplement in the world can do this…

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Your body’s most critical system...
The evidence is overwhelming... the most important step you can take to improve your overall health is to increase the strength of your immune system. Every health crisis... from the mildest of colds to the deadliest of cancers... tests the power of your immune system.

Fortunately, Shaklee has the tools you need to build your immune system to peak performance!

Find out more in this issue…

And... The #1 cause of low immunity...

The difference between health and... disaster!
One of the most important functions of the human body is to protect itself against bacteria and viruses that can cause disease and stop them before they do serious damage. 

In this article you’ll learn about the components of the vast immune system and how they work together to fight foreign invaders.

Plus... Immune system facts...

Shaklee’s immunity arsenal...
Scientists worldwide now recognize the crucial role that nutrition plays in supporting immune function. It is now widely agreed that the right supplements can modulate immune response.

This month you’ll learn about the most powerful component of the immune system and which Shaklee supplement to stimulate its production in the body. In fact, it’s the only supplement available that can do the job!

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