Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miracles Do Happen!

Miracles Do Happen!

My mother (Vernie) excited to have a buyer.

Isn't this the cutest house!

Well it actually happened.  My mother's house sold after being on-and-off the market for three years.  It is bitter sweet but mostly a relief for all of us.  My mother has lived in this adorable house for about 47 years.  This house truly holds many fond memories for all of us.  

My sister Laura, my mom (Vernie) and me.

Grandma Vernie with some of the grandkids.  My three kids are on the left and my sister's daughter and her husband are on the right with mom.

The last couple weeks have been busy for all of us with moving mom out of her house and into her new "senior-living" apartment.  We experienced yet another role reversal today when I had to teach her how to park her car in the underground parking space.  She has never had a garage in her entire life so this was a brand new experience for her.  She remarked, "How can I drive and think at the same time?"  

Gotta love my mom, Vernie!

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