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Concerned About Statins?

I know you'll want to read this March issue of Making a Difference!. Just look at what you'll find this month:
Concerned about statins?

Today some 10 to12 million Americans are taking statin drugs for the control of LDL cholesterol. 
The problem is... statins inhibit the enzyme essential for the production of cholesterol, the same enzyme needed to produce coenzyme Q10. Since CoQ10 is essential for energy synthesis in all the cells in the human body, statins induce a state of low energy which can drastically impact your health and the quality of your life.

Because the lost CoQ10 is so vital to the health of your cells, supplementation is the only answer.
Learn about the side effects of Statin drugs and symptoms of fatigue... 

New! CoQHeart with Q-Trol™... 3X more CoQ10 plus resveratrol!
Few "nutrients" have caused the controversy that surrounded Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Find out all about the hubbub and what caused it in this issue of Making a Difference! 

A compound found in every cell in the body (with the exception of red blood cells), CoQ10 has been described as a biochemical spark plug. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance that our body produces. It is instrumental in turning oxygen into pure energy and is also a uniquely powerful antioxidant... more powerful than vitamin E! 

Find out more about this unique well as...
What makes Shaklee CoQHeart unique?

And...  Why add resveratrol?
The “heart” of good health... 
Most people know that one of the ways to keep your heart healthy is to keep your blood cholesterol level low. However, very few understand what cholesterol is, what it does, and what role it plays in our health. 

In fact...cholesterol is absolutely essential for life!

Find out what cholesterol is, what it does and how to maintain a good level in this article... 

Then read about... Safe cholesterol reduction...

Also... Prevalence of  statin drug use...

And... OmegaGuard... to protect your heart

To read about these important subjects in this edition of Making a Difference!, click here

See my husband's testimonial below:

Back in 2005, as I was cruising through my 40's, I went in for a complete physical and although most things looked really good, the doctor was sorry to tell me that my cholesterol was at 223 and we needed to do something about it right away.  Well, he couldn't write me a prescription for Lipitor fast enough which I immediately threw in the trash.  I came home and just as fast, Pam set me up on Shaklee's Cholesterol Regulation Complex (now Reduction Comples) and within 1 1/2 months my cholesterol had plummeted back to 187!  I was amazed and relieved and best of all I was medication free!  See my results:

7/29/05       223 mg/dL Chol      165 mg/dL Trigly.   48 mg/dL HDL     142 mg/dL LDL
9/9/05         187 mg/dL Chol       55 mg/dL Trigly.    48 mg/dL HDL     128 mg/dL LDL

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