Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sprouting? Sure Beats Shoveling...

Haven't we had enough snow this winter? I think we have had well over 60 inches in Mpls./St. Paul. I don't think we'll be gardening any time soon so I have decided to bring a winter garden inside and try sprouting. I have never sprouted before but I know there are many benefits and here are -

The Top 10 Reasons Why to Sprout!

1) Pennies Per Serving
2) Simple & Easy to Grow
3) Grows Quickly
4) Toxin-Free Food
5) Complete Food
6) Tasty & Delicious
7) Highly Nutritious
8) Low Calories & Low Fat
9) Detoxifies Your Body
10) Helps to Build Your Immune System

I purchased my sprouting kit from the Handy Pantry Distributors because their seeds were certified organic, non-GMO and the prices were reasonable. The manual has easy sprouting instructions and explains all the health benefits of sprouting. Some recipe ideas are another added bonus.

The kit includes three growing trays so I decided to grow Alfalfa seeds, Lentils and a Five-Bean Mix.
Tonight, I rinsed the seeds and put the covers on. The seeds will need to be rinsed about
2-3 times per day for about 4 days. When the sprouts have grown and filled in the trays I am
supposed to take off the cover and expose to sunlight to develop chlorophyll which will turn
the sprouts green.

Hope it will be a sunny day soon! Four more weeks till Spring???

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