Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attention All Brides or soon to be brides...

- Attention All Brides -

I am so thrilled that I have my own Shaklee business and am able to share my passion for better health with others.  There have been many people that have been such a support and encouragement to me and that is why I want to "pay it forward" and support other women and their business endeavors on my blog.

I am so proud to introduce you to my niece Christina Hara, who has just launched her new business - Something Borrowed Bride.   Here is a picture of my sister Laura, Christina and me working at her booth at the Mpls. Convention Center Bridal show.  The booth was filled all day with soon-to-be brides all trying on the veils and headpieces.

Something Borrowed Bride is a business where you can either borrow or buy the veil or headpiece for your wedding.  What a great concept!  So many of us have bought an expensive bridal veil only to pack it away and never use it again.  Why not borrow the veil and save money?  Isn't her logo just adorable?  I can tell you that if you do business with Christina, you will be well taken care of - she is all about the details and making you (the customer) happy.  Check it out.

One last comment, 10% of all the profits are donated to women around the world charities.  #healthilyeverafter

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