Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get More For Your Money With Shaklee's Cinch Weight-Loss Plan


The Forbes Magazine published a weekly price comparison of a wide variety of popular diet plans. The table below includes Shaklee's Cinch Inch Loss Plan -- check it out!

Jenny Craig $137.65/week

Nutrisystem $113.52/week

Atkins $100.52/week

Weight Watchers $ 96.64/week

The Zone $ 92.84/week

Ornish $ 78.74/week

South Beach $ 78.61/week

Slim Fast $ 77.73/week

CINCH PLAN $ 70.99/week

Sugar Busters $ 69.62/week

Subway $ 68.60/week

My husband, Tony, lost 25 lbs. and many inches following the Cinch plan.

Shaklee has two different Cinch Specials that run until the end of March. You can learn more at either of these two websites:

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