Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Say No to GMO's!!!

I remember first learning about Genetically Modified foods in my Food Science & Nutrition class a few years ago and thought it sounded like science fiction. Well, now it is a reality - how sad. What is genetic modification or genetic engineering you ask? Well, it basically involves taking genes from one species and injecting those genes into another species.

Why would anyone want to do that? Some believe GM foods can solve the world's food shortage for everyone, especially the poor and hungry in developing countries. Our politicians and "Big Businesses" are promoting that GM foods grow faster, larger and are disease resistant to name just of few. HELLO... who do you think gains the most from the GM foods? Isn't it time that we take a stand for the health of ourselves and future generations?

But some believe there are many "red flags" associated with GM foods such that they have not been shown safe to eat, they are more dangerous to allergy-prone people, harmful to the environment, harmful to the animals and plants, increased pesticide use and long term disaster for the farmers.

What can we do? For starters, buy organic foods when possible. This is not totally the answer because there still can be cross-contamination from other GM crops and organic regulations are sometimes sketchy. But most of all, the huge biotech companies are pressuring the government to require that GM foods can be declared as organic. Ridiculous!!!

We can also VOTE - NO TO GM FOODS.

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