Monday, September 12, 2011

Vitalizer in Space with Astronaut Captain Mark Kelly!

When Tony and I went to the Shaklee Global Conference this past August, Astronaut Captain Mark Kelly was one of the speakers.   He was the captain of the historic final NASA mission this last July and has been in space more than any other astronaut.   Many people know him as the husband of Arizona Congress Woman Gabriel Giffords who was shot earlier this year.  He has been good friends with Shaklee's CEO, Roger Barnett, for many years. 

Did you know? - Every astronaut in every NASA mission has taken Shaklee products since 1993.
WOW! NASA came to Shaklee in the early 1990's to ask for assistance in keeping the astronauts safe while returning to earth.  Astronauts experience GRS (General Re-entry Syndrome) and some symptoms of this include vertigo, fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, disequilibrium and general debilitation occurring during reentry to earth's atmosphere and immediately after landing.

AstroAde was specifically designed by Shaklee in conjunction with NASA scientists to combat this unique set of challenges facing the shuttle astronauts.

Shaklee's Performance, a Pure Hydration Drink, is similar to the AstroAde drink.  Our family uses Performance regularly to enhance athletic performance and also when we work out in the yard!  We love this product and it is healthier than others on the market such as Gatorade.

Performance and other Sports Products
Customized Vitalizer Paks

Watch this video below to learn more about Shaklee's Vitalizer.

Shaklee Videos: New and Improved Vitalizersup™/sup

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