Thursday, September 29, 2011

Woman's Best Friend!

This is my pal "Roscoe" - he is a Shih Tzu.    I actually never wanted a dog for our family but my husband, Tony,  said that every kid should have a dog when they grow up.   And even though I take care of Roscoe the most, in hindsight, it has been one of the better decisions that we have made (other than having our kids).

Roscoe follows me around the house all day long and we go for many walks around a nearby park.  He is always there to cuddle with and never criticize me or ask me question.  When any of us walks in the house, he runs and jumps at us until we notice him.   Below are some pictures of Roscoe and you will see why we love him so much.

Even Roscoe is a Notre Dame Fan

My legs are tired, can we go home?

Good Grief, Is He Drunk?  

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